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Local Recycling Campaign

The Positive Cup campaign outlines concrete sustainability goals for the company to reach by 2020 to further improve sustainability in every aspect of its business – including coffee sourcing and consumption, aluminium and capsule recycling, and improving social, environmental and economic conditions for coffee farmers.

The Positive Cup approach builds upon the significant steps that the company has already taken over the last twelve years.

Selecting only the world’s top 1-2% coffee beans, Nespresso is committed to making every cup more than just a gourmet coffee experience, but also a “Positive Cup” that has a beneficial impact on the environment and society.

Nespresso Roger Staeheli, Country Manager of Hong Kong Nespresso S.A, said: Nespresso is committed to being part of a sustainable coffee economy and we acknowledge that we have a significant role to play in bringing about the social, environmental and economic conditions that are required to achieve this. We are therefore dedicated to reaching both global and Hong Kong targets for recycling and sustainability, and have developed a new communications plan to engage Club Members with the Positive Cup campaign.”



Nespresso joins hands with famous actress and green advocate Karena Lam to promote the idea of sustainability. In this short film, Karena shares personal insights on how to enjoy a quality green life and guides you through the journey of Nespresso’s recycling process. By helping recycle Nespresso's aluminium capsules and reuse the coffee grounds for farming, every cup you enjoy becomes a positive cup.


Infinitely Recyclable Aluminium Capsules

All components of the Nespresso capsule are recyclable – from the capsule packaging to the coffee grounds within.

Nespresso Grand Cru capsules are made of aluminium – an infinitely recyclable material that protects the aromas and freshness of the coffee from air, light and humidity, ensuring the highest quality Grand Cru coffees for Club Members.

Once collected, used Nespresso capsules are taken to a local plant where the aluminium is separated from the coffee residue. The shredded aluminium is then sent to a scrap metal collector for further re-melting into aluminium raw materials.


New Life for Coffee Grounds

Recycling used Grand Cru capsules does not stop at the aluminium component. Nespresso coffee grounds separated from the aluminium capsules are sent to the Hong Kong Organic Waste Recycling Centre (HKOWRC) in the New Territories for further processing into farm composts.

The coffee grounds are rich in nitrogen, which is one of three main nutrient components (together with potassium and phosphorus) used in compost or fertiliser. Crops grown using the nutrient-rich Nespresso coffee grounds at the HKOWRC include high quality local produce of vegetables and fruits, which are sold at premium Hong Kong supermarkets.

How can you participate


Drop off your used capsules at any of our Nespresso boutiques.


Join our Recycling@Home initiative. Fill your recycling bag with used capsules and pass it to our courier when he delivers your next coffee order.