FESTIVE Mix Selection 15-Sleeve Assortment

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FESTIVE Mix Selection 15-Sleeve Assortment
FESTIVE Mix Selection

From short full-bodied Ristretto-style coffees, to expertly-crafted Master Origin blends, to generous Lungo varieties, there is a coffee to suit every moment.

This assortment contains:

1 Sleeve of Kazaar
1 Sleeve of Ristretto
1 Sleeve of Arpeggio
1 Sleeve of Arpeggio Decaffeinato
1 Sleeve of Capriccio
1 Sleeve of Livanto
1 Sleeve of Volluto
1 Sleeve of Master Origin Nicaragua
1 Sleeve of Master Origin Colombia
1 Sleeve of Master Origin India
1 Sleeve of Fortissio Lungo
1 Sleeve of Vivalto Lungo
1 Sleeve of Linizio Lungo
1 Sleeve of Chiaro
1 Sleeve of Scuro

*1 sleeve contains 10 coffee capsules.

Choose from a wide range of Nespresso coffee capsules, each with its own distinct individual character and aroma. No two Nespresso flavours are the same. Get more out of your coffee with every cup of Nespresso knowing we're committed to making a positive impact on the environment. To ensure the quality and sustainability of your coffee, we've been working on our AAA Sustainable Quality Program with NGO, the Rainforest Alliance, since 2003. Because sustainability justifies the means.