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Nespresso Pass 2018

Your Nespresso Coffee Journey

You are cordially invited to take part in the Nespresso Pass Programme 2018.

Throughout 2018, your Nespresso Pass will guide you to discover five unique coffee moments:

When you purchase a coffee sleeve pack from these coffee moments, you can get a coffee stamp.

In addition, whenever you return a bag of 30 or more used capsules, you can get a recycling stamp.

  • Redeem your first gift when you have collected 3 coffee stamps and 1 recycling stamp.
  • Redeem your second gift once your Pass has accumulated a total of 5 coffee stamps and 3 recycling stamps.
Your Nespresso Coffee Journey
Your Nespresso Coffee Journey
Your Nespresso Coffee Journey
3 Coffee Stamps
1 Recycling Stamp
Redeem Your First Gift
5 Coffee Stamps
3 Recycling Stamps
Redeem Your Second Gift

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