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Using your machine for the first time

Rinse the water system:
- fill the water tank and switch the machine on 
- place a container under the coffee outlet
- allow the equivalent of half the water tank to run through.

With the remaining half, rinse the hot water/ steam attachment, as indicated in your machine's operating instructions. 

Download the operating instructions for your machine


CitiZ D111 DeLonghi 
CitiZ D111 Krups 
CitiZ&Milk D121 DeLonghi 
CitiZ&Milk C121 Krups 


Lattissima+ Z4 DeLonghi 
Lattissima+ Z2A DeLonghi 
Lattissima+ Descaling Kit 
Lattissima+ leaflet


Essenza D99 DeLonghi 
Essenza D91 DeLonghi 
Essenza C99 Krups 
Essenza C91 Krups 


Maestria DeLonghi 
Maestria Krups 
Maestria Z2B Nespresso

Gran Maestria

Gran Maestria DeLonghi 
Gran Maestria Krups 


Pixie DeLonghi 
Pixie Krups 


U DeLonghi ND 
U DeLonghi OD 
U Krups ND 
U Krups OD 


Inissia Krups 
Inissia Delonghi