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Vertuo - Noire Intense
Vertuo Plus Noire Intense
To new heights
For the lifestyles asking for quality whatever the quantity, you’ll always have the Vertuo Plus machine. It allows you to explore the full range of Nespresso coffee styles. And by full, we mean that you can now have it in even larger cups, with five sizes from exciting Espressos to Alto adventures. In a simple and automated way, at a simple touch of a button. It offers the authentic Nespresso coffee experience you’d expect, but with a new brewing system: the Centrifusion technology. Developed by Nespresso, it allows the machine to read the barcode on each capsule. It then spins up, adjusting even the slightest settings, to extract the hidden treasures of each capsule. To give each blend its own coffee. Of course, it produces our signature crema on top of each freshly brewed coffee, and in ever larger sizes. The better the crema, the better the coffee. It’ll surely match your kitchen in shape and in style with its movable water tank and chrome accents. All you need to do now is choose the capsule to match your coffee size (small, medium, large – it’s that simple) and push two buttons. One to close the automatic head, and one to start brewing. It’s modernity, to any extremity.









Nespresso vous invite à recycler le papier et le carton de vos emballages.

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Nespresso a choisi l’aluminium comme matériau d’emballage pour ses capsules car c’est le seul matériau qui protège le café de l’air, de la lumière et de l’humidité, préservant ainsi les 900 arômes des Grands Crus. Élément naturellement présent dans le sol, l’aluminium se recycle à l’infini, sans rien perdre de ses qualités. Nespresso vous propose 4 possibilités pour recycler vos capsules :


Si vous souhaitez faire recycler votre ancienne machine, nous vous invitons à nous joindre au 0800 55 52 53 pour organiser la collecte et le recyclage de votre ancienne machine

Pour trouver le point de collecte le plus proche, rendez-vous sur :








  • Removable water tank: 1.2 l

Key features

  • Automatic capsule ejection
  • Electrical opening and closing
  • One button brewing
  • Different cup sizes
  • Moveable water tank
  • Adjustable cup support