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Gift for Father's Day by Nespresso

Surprise him with one of our sweets and accessories

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*Only for Expert and Ambassador

Dia del padre ofertas Nespresso


Travel Mug Touch

The Travel Mug TOUCH is an essential coffee accessory for those who wish to enjoy their Nespresso coffee away from home. It will keep your coffee hot (or cold) without burning your hands.

The Travel Mug TOUCH has an innovative urban design and a large capacity of 345 ml which makes it the ideal choice for all coffee lovers.

23€ 18,40€

Travel Mug Nespresso
Black Chocolat Nespresso

Black Chocolate

Dark chocolate squares (minimum cocoa content: 70%).

Pack of 40 pieces (200 g)

7.5€ 6€


Dia del padre ofertas Nespresso

by Geckeler Michels

Travel Mug Touch - Limited Edition

Appearance, feel and taste: we catch the spirit of innovation.

The Touch line, created by the Berlin design studio Geckeler Michels, is committed to taste.

The Travel Mug Touch responds to the increasingly insistent demands of a "on-the-go" lifestyle and will allow Nespresso lovers to enjoy their favourite coffee whenever and wherever they want. The total capacity (345 ml) of the new Travel Mug allows you to have a long coffee and even add a little milk.

22€ 17.60€

Dia del padre ofertas Nespresso

by Craig & Karl

Aerocino 3 - Limited Edition

The Aeroccino 3, decorated with a design by Craig & Karl, which is inspired by the world of sweets, is a very simple and fast automatic system for preparing a light, creamy, cold or hot milk foam. Just pour the milk and press the button. In a few seconds, without noise or vibrations, the Aeroccino 3 prepares a divine milk foam, ideal for countless coffee recipes, adapted to the time of year. It also heats milk for your Caffè Latte.

Maximum capacity if milk foam is prepared: 120 ml; maximum capacity if hot milk is prepared: 240 ml (diameter: 9 cm, height: 17 cm).

67€ 53.60€

Dia del padre ofertas Nespresso

by India Mahdavi

Lungo coffee cups - Origin Collection

For those coffee moments that take you back in time.

This set of two lungo cups (approximately 180 ml) turns each moment of coffee into a small ritual. Keeping your drink in its own cocoon, each cup is made of double-walled porcelain. Designed by Mahdavi India, its shape is inspired by the coffee bean, with a matt white exterior and a varnished colored interior. .

For coffee moments that take you back to the past.

23€ 18.40€