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The enigma of the sphinx
and caffè latte

How to enhance those forever combinations. The union between coffee and milk, aroma and texture, the past and the future.

No doubt you have your favourite coffee mug. The one that’s been given to you by someone special. The one from that exotic and unforgettable trip. The one from your favourite television series. There are millions of mugs and millions of ways of making coffee. Cold, with ice, black, or (a habit that is constantly being updated) with milk. There are many ways to drink coffee with milk, almost as many as there are breakfast rituals in every home. We wanted to tell you a story that shows the potential of our new Nespresso Barista Creations capsules.


Breakfast with the aroma of Nespresso coffee

We all have a friend like Miki. We can even identify with him in many ways. He is the one who has suggested a thousand different plans since daybreak. He is the one that tries almost all of the latest trends: clothes, technology, coffee. He is an athlete and cares about his personal appearance, which is why he prefers to consume quality products. But the most important thing is that he is a tireless explorer and loves to research anything that might be interesting.

Everything else might vary, but his morning ritual is the one thing that never changes. Some exercise, a shower, a breakfast of fruit, cereals and his Nespresso coffee always with milk, those last little adjustments and then out to face the world. How did such an established routine change on a Tuesday like any other?a una rutina tan marcada?

Newsletter and boutiques

That morning, a new email stood out in his inbox. The Nespresso newsletter arrived on time, as always. Among the articles, recipes and recommendations, something caught Miki’s eye. The new Barista Creations coffees, which promised the perfect harmony between coffee and milk, were the perfect reason to hold a masterclass at the Nespresso Boutique.
Miki did not hesitate for a second, he could not miss out on new flavours for him. A few days later, he cast his routine aside and decided to change the setting for his breakfast. His appointment with coffee, milk and the expert barista begins at 11.00 a.m.


And how do you like your caffè latte?

“Café latte is one of the most popular ways of drinking coffee in Spain”, the barista tells him. “This is why, at Nespresso, we wanted to strengthen this union and launch new coffee capsules that go perfectly with milk, while maintaining the flavour and intensity of the coffee at the same time as changing its texture and presentation”.

Milk Cafe

“These three Nespresso capsules have the quality to create countless recipes. There is a capsule for those who prefer it with just a dash of milk, bitter and toasted. Another one is the ultimate expression of the union between coffee and milk, with medium intensity and cereal notes. And a third is for those with a sweet tooth, with soft notes of caramel and cookies. And if those don’t grab you, we’re here to find the one that suits you best”.

Discover your breakfast ritual,
discover your Barista Creations capsule.
  • Discover your breakfast ritual, discover your Barista Creations capsule
  • Discover your breakfast ritual, discover your Barista Creations capsules
  • Discover your breakfast ritual, discover your Barista Creations capsule

Nespresso capsules with breakfast included

The second variety immediately captures Miki’s attention. The description reminds him of the coffee he drinks at home, with medium intensity and bitterness. “The capsule you have chosen is Scuro. What stands out about this coffee is that it goes perfectly with milk and is suitable for all caffè latte lovers. It’s not very strong but it still reminds us of Ethiopian and Arabica coffee when we blend it”, the barista continues.

“In fact, its aroma of cereals and nuts reminds us of that Mediterranean diet that we Spanish are so proud of, a diet in which caffè latte is very accepted. No one knows exactly when this tradition began: some say it was during the French Revolution, others the early twentieth century. What we do know is the amount of nutrients that milk gives us, which makes this blend perfect for any breakfast”.

Milk Cafe

“As for Scuro coffee, it also allows you to express your creativity at breakfast. You can have it as an intense Cappuccino, with twice as much milk foam as coffee. Or as a double Cappuccino with 80 ml of coffee and 120 ml of milk. Beyond these tips, we recommend experimenting. We want to bring quality to your coffee but we also want you to find a ritual for each morning that is yours alone”.

A ritual for the undecided

After hearing the explanation, Miki is convinced that this coffee is perfect for him. A combination of two elements that seem to have been together forever. Just like his explorer side and his researcher side. After buying his Nespresso Scuro capsule, he leaves the store and suddenly stops. He goes back in and buys the Chiaro variety, which is softer and sweeter. One day he might prefer to sweeten his coffee in the morning. What use is a good routine if you don’t allow yourself to change it from time to time?

If you want breakfast to inspire you like it inspired Miki, perhaps you should try our Barista Creations Scuro coffee.

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