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Nespresso recommends


    Indian coffee, uniquely and expertly processed and creates a coffee with an intense and bold character, woody and spicy aromas tinged with subtle salty notes.

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  • TOUCH Espresso Cups

    Set of 2 Espresso cups (80ml) in black porcelain and soft-touch silicone.

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  • TOUCH Lungo Cups

    Look, Touch and Taste: capturing the spirit of innovation. Created by Berlin design studio GECKELER MICHELS.  2 Lungo cups (170ml) 

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  • TOUCH Cappuccino cups & Mugs Set

    Set of 2 Cappuccino cups (180ml) and 2 Mugs (300ml) in black porcelain and soft-touch silicone.

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  • Milk frother

    With our milk frother Aeroccino you can create a latte or cappuccino at home, just like a real barista! Comes in red, black or white and can froth both cold and warm milk.

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  • Coffee and cake make an undeniable match. Enjoy your favourite Grand Cru with these biscuits made following a typical Italian recipe.

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  • Versilo
    Capsule Dispenser

    A new compact, transparent and versatile capsule dispenser to easily store and display your favorite Nespresso coffee capsules.

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