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Dolcetti Fleur de Sel

Dolcetti Fleur de Sel

An exclusive NESPRESSO recipe prepared using the famous sea salt from Guérande in France, which gives these biscuits their unique flavour.Pack of 12 pieces (140 g).

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Contains GLUTEN, MILK and EGGS. May contain traces of SOYA and NUTS.

Nutritional Informations

Per 100 g: 2230 kJ/534 kcal Energy, 31.0 g Fat, 18.0 g of which saturates, 56.0 g Carbohydrate, 18.7 g of which sugars, 7.0 g Protein, 0.40 g Salt


WHEAT flour, BUTTER, sugar, EGG white, WHEAT gluten, Fleur de sel Guérande sea salt (0.3%), Guérande sea salt, malted BARLEY flour. May contain traces of SOYA and NUTS.

Information Package

12 biscuits with sea salt. Content: 140 g. Store in a cool, dry place.

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