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Experience the first digital and
fully automated Nespresso Boutique.

What is behind the magic?

Nespresso offers its Club Members a unique and surprising experience: a magical access to their favourite Grans Crus.

  • A simple access to the entire range of 22 Nespresso Grands Crus and to our limited editions.
  • Our new automated Boutique is easily available to all Club Members.

Nespresso sleeves

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How does the magic work?

5 steps to access to your favourite Grands Crus.

  1. Log in using your :
    • Club Member card / RFID key
    • Club Member number and last name
    • email address and password
  2. Make your own selection or use your previous oder
  3. Pay with your debit card or credit card
  4. Get your oder delivered to you within few seconds
  5. Enjoy the pleasure of tasting your Nespresso Grand Crus

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Where does the magic happen?

With Nespresso Cube, innovation is never far away. Experience the magic close to you: find the Nespresso Boutique.

  • Chavannes Centre

    En Margoussin
    1279 Chavannes-de-Bogis
    Coppet exit


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