Marie-Madeleine Boutique Gourmet

  • Restaurant - Marie-Madeleine Boutique Gourmet

Rua Afonso Bráz, 511, 04511-011 São Paulo, Brazilië

+55 11 2387 0019

Marie-Madeleine Boutique Gourmet offers the whole package, with Atelier Kitchen, Boulangerie and Event Room.  
Its bread is made using the original fermentation process called Pain au Levain (sourdough bread), a 40-year exclusive hit by the French Chef Boulanger Jean-Louis Clément, one of the world's authorities on this specific process. This millennial tradition technique, which consists of the dough's natural fermentation, provides a light, soft and tasty bread.
Marie-Madeleine Boutique Gourmet also distributes high quality specialities. Thanks to its services, customers can take home the best in Olive Oil, Fleurs de Sel, Cheese, Jams, Premium Steaks, Drinks and imported Gourmet line products.

- Chef-kok:
Isabel Pereira
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- Waarom heeft u uw keuze laten vallen op Nespresso?
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