Ville du Vin Vinho & Bistrô

  • Restaurant - Ville du Vin Vinho & Bistrô

Alameda Tocantins, 75 - Alphaville, 06455-020 São Paulo - Barueri, Brazil

+55 11 4208-6061


+55 11 4208-6061

Our in-store bistro offers a charming atmosphere and appeals especially to the fine wine and food crowd. Here, the choicest tables are in the wine cellar. To all, this ambiance, add an impeccable wine service and the carefully selected menu of experienced chef Alain Uzan. Ville Du Vin Alphaville offers you the opportunity of tasting your favorite wine - for the same price - accompanied by an elegant, well-matched meal.

Ville du Vin Vinho & Bistrô has been a Nespresso customer since March 2009.

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Alain Uzan
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