Restaurante Ramón Freixa Madrid

  • Restaurant - Restaurante Ramón Freixa Madrid

Calle Claudio Coelho 67, 28001 Madrid, Spain


2 Michelin Star

Very personal cuisine, where an innovative personality and brilliant mastery of technique come to the fore, as well as a fondness for Mediterranean products, flavours and aromas. The traditionally-based and originally presented dishes by Ramón Freixa, express very defined flavours and evoke feelings of surprise or memories of childhood in diners.

Restaurante Ramón Freixa Madrid has been a Nespresso customer since May 2009.

- Chef Name:
Ramón Freixa
- Chef Nationality:
- Chef since:
- What is your favorite Nespresso Grand Cru?
- Why did you choose Nespresso?
Quality of the coffee, regularity.

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