Manish - Culinária Árabe

  • Restaurant - Manish - Culinária Árabe

Av. Horacio Lafer, 491 - Itaim-Bibi, - São Paulo, Brazil

+55 11 4301 5928


+55 11 4305 5928

With its green project, the restaurant is a journey into elegant interior design, and a natural lighting and ventilation system. The original trees have been preserved to add some charm and freshness to the salon. And its muraxabi, an imposing concrete arabesque that covers the whole facade, welcomes the customers. This care is also extended to the kitchen. Spices and industrial products - the ones containing food preservatives, acidulants, dyes, etc. - are forbidden. The idea is to invest in organic ingredients that bring out the real taste of the food. It is a philosophy that shows respect for the past and also for customers.

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