Freixa Tradició

  • Restaurant - Freixa Tradició

Sant Elies 22, 08006 Barcelona, Spain


With its carefully chosen decor, the Freixa Tradició restaurant offers tradition, as its name suggests. Creativity is parmount, but the restaurant's real soul lies in its Catalan roots, which are combined with other quality ingredients to provide diners with a taste of the best traditional local cooking.

Freixa Tradició has been a Nespresso customer since April 2006.

- Chef Name:
Josep Freixa
- Chef Nationality:
- Chef since:
- What is your favorite Nespresso Grand Cru?
- Why did you choose Nespresso?
Quality, a guarantee of consistency, a wide range of varieties which is constantly changing and expanding. Nespresso broadens the customer's horizons.

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