Capim Santo

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Alameda Ministro Rocha Azevedo, 471 - Cerqueira Cesar, 01410-001 São Paulo, Brazil

+55 11 3068 8486

Best Brazilian Cuisine Restaurant 2011 by GolAir/JovemPam

Capim Santo in São Paulo is considered the "Embassy of Trancoso", a small village in the outskirts of Porto Seguro, bay on which the Portuguese arrived 500 years ago looking for spices and discovering the Brazil instead. From there, our chef, who grew up amidst the pans in her parents' kitchen, headed into the world looking for technique and gastronomic culture. In France, Morena graduated at Cordon Bleu in 1999 and brought home a great lesson: the importance valorizing local products and providers. Today, her gastronomic philosophy is based on healthy food, with French technique and Brazilian ingredients, keeping in mind that it is impossible to talk about things Brazilian with purism, for we are a race of great miscegenation. In order to be good hosts, after 26 years in gastronomy, we believe that each of the senses must be explored, and for this reason our concept reflects our vision on everything Brazilian. Our tables are found in the middle of a glorious garden, with pitanga (red Brazilian berry), jabuticaba, coconut and banana trees. Our soundtrack is a bossa nova selection, our glass kitchen and our service mean to be welcoming.

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Morena Leite
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To offer our customers the best.

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