Baby Beef Rubaiyat - Alameda Santos

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Alameda Santos, 86, 01418-000 São Paulo, Brazil

+55 11 3170 5100

Founded in 1957, the Baby Beef Rubaiyat is run by Belarmino Iglesias, father and son, at two addresses in the city of São Paulo - in the neighborhoods of Paraíso and Itaim. The restaurant serves meat produced on the Rubaiyat Farm, in Dourados, Mato Grosso do Sul. The Baby Beef Rubaiyat was nominated several times as best steakhouse in town by the specialized press, including the Veja São Paulo and Gula magazines.
The highlights of the Rubaiyat's menu are the Master Beef Premium, the Roast Special Rib and the Rump Cut Summus Fazenda Rubaiyat, which may be savored with garnishes such as soufflé potatoes, Luis Tavares farofa (toasted manioc flour) and roasted vegetables cooked in the clay oven.

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Francisco Alves da Silva
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