Artemísia - Restaurante café & bar

  • Restaurant - Artemísia - Restaurante café & bar

Rua Adolfo Casais Monteiro, 135, 4050-014 Porto, Portugal

+351226 062 0286

Simple restaurant, with tasteful decor. It is a romantic space with an auteur cuisine that seeks to offer something different and guarantee the well being of the customer. A wine list that tries to make a difference. And the importance of being different is the reason for offering Nespresso coffee to their customers.

Artemísia - Restaurante café & bar has been a Nespresso customer since October 2008.

- Chef Name:
Márcia Araújo
- Chef Nationality:
- Chef since:
- Why did you choose Nespresso?
Simplicity, ease of handling, image, quality and diversity.

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