• Restaurant - Aizomê

ALAMEDA FERNÃO CARDIM, 39, 01403-020 São Paulo, Brazil

+ 55 11 3251-5157

Aizomê offers the finest Japanese cuisine owing to Chef Shin's perspective and understanding that, besides the taste and the appearance of a dish, there are other factors that contribute to a fine dining experience that is both complete and meaningful. Deep reverence for Japanese philosophy and traditional techniques is of utmost importance and is at the core of his work. From this solid and strictly traditional base, he builds his very personal interpretation of Japanese cuisine. Extreme deference for the traditional ingredients and spices is complemented by an appreciation for the finest local and seasonal ingredients, quality and the careful selection of raw material being cornerstones of his philosophy. More than just a fixed menu, chef Shin's talent lies in his ability to use his technical skill and his sensitivity to extract the best results and make the most out of the best and most meaningful ingredients for each season or occasion. Every meal is unique, always with delicious surprises and novelties.

Aizomê has been a Nespresso customer since June 2010.

- Chef Name:
- Chef Nationality:
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- What is your favorite Nespresso Grand Cru?
Ristretto, Espresso Leggero and Espresso Decaffeinato
- Why did you choose Nespresso?
We chose Nespresso for Aizomê because, besides the brand's prestige, both our restaurant and our customers identify with the demand for quality, excellence in service and pleasure of enjoying the good moments in life.

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