Agli Amici Dal 1887

  • Restaurant - Agli Amici Dal 1887

Via Liguria 252, 33100 Udine, Italy

+39 0432 565411


+39 0432 565555

Michelin Guide Italy 2011: 1 star

Its name sums up its philosophy: welcoming guests for five generations, each in a manner befitting the era and presenting its own particular taste We offer a cuisine inspired by the local region and the sea, through two gastronomic menus. Our menus are constantly updated on our website.

Agli Amici Dal 1887 has been a Nespresso customer since January 2010.

- Chef Name:
Emanuele Scarello
- Chef Nationality:
- Chef since:
- What is your favorite Nespresso Grand Cru?
Ristretto Origin India
- Why did you choose Nespresso?
We were immediately impressed with Nespresso, Ristretto Origin India in particular, both for its intense flavour and thick rich froth. We also appreciated its ease of use in the restaurant together with the guaranteed superior quality of every cup served.

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