68 La Pizzeria

  • Restaurant - 68 La Pizzeria

Rua Felipe dos Santos, 68, 30180-160 Belo Horizonte, Brazil

+55 31 3292 0208


+55 31 3292 0208

Best pizzeria by Gula Magazine

The aim of 68 La Pizzeria is to serve pizza as it is found in the traditional Italian town of Naples. The specials are made in a woodstove, with up to 30 pizza flavors, besides paninos, calzones and focaccias. On the first floor there are three rooms, all leading to the terrace, with a view over the cozy Terrace Clicquot. The pizzaiolos' work can be observed from a closed balcony with an enormous glass window. On the lower floor the atmosphere is extremely laid back, with cars, races, tradition and contemporaneity. Everything allied to the best Neapolitan pasta and the 600 wine and champagne labels featured in the cellar.

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Leonardo Martins
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For the quality and the premium services offered by Nespresso.

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