Memmo Baleeira Hotel

  • 4 stars
  • Hotel - Memmo Baleeira Hotel
  • Restaurant - Memmo Baleeira Hotel

Sitio da Baleeira, 8650-357 Sagres, Portugal




The Hotel has been totally renovated and reclassified as a 4 star hotel, featuring a total of 105 rooms and 39 suites under the brand name Memmo Hotels. The Hotel aims to place the town of Sagres once again on the tourist map and attract a new clientele who until now were unable to find such an elegant and relaxed place to stay in Sagres.

Memmo Baleeira Hotel has been a Nespresso customer since September 2009.
Nespresso is served in the following locations: Bar, Lounge.

- Hotel manager:
Rodrigo Machaz
- Chef Name:
Darío Santos
- Chef Nationality:
- Chef since:
- What is your favorite Nespresso Grand Cru?
- Why did you choose Nespresso?
Nespresso has a unique coffee experience with a selection of high-quality coffees, stylish and designer machines.

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