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All boutiques open 7 days a week from 10am to 10pm.  SH Iapm boutique opens from 10am to 11pm.

Shanghai Grand Gateway Boutique:
Grand Gateway Plaza, B1 Floor No.1 Hongqiao Road, Xuhui District

Shanghai iapm Boutique:
Shop 333&335, 3F, Shanghai International apm Mall, No.999 Huaihai Zhong Road, Xuhui District

Shanghai ifc Boutique:
LG2-15, Shanghai International Finance Centre, No.8 Century Avenue, Pudong District

Beijing Sanlitun Boutique:
Unit S2-13, 1st Floor, No.19 Taikoo Li Sanlitun South, Sanlitun Road, Chaoyang District

Beijing apm Boutique:
Shop 205, 2F, Beijing apm Mall, No. 138, Wangfujing Street, Dongcheng District

Chengdu Isetan Boutique:
Isetan Department Store, 6th Floor, 8 Da Ke Jia Lane, Block B, Lido Plaza




All Trade corners only sale Machine.if you want to get more coffee experience, please go to the Nespresso boutique.


Oriental Xujiahui
5F,Orient Shopping Center, No. 8 North Caoxi Road
Xuhui District Shanghai

Servimex - Laya Plaza Store
B1,Laya Plaza,No.300 Fangdian Road,
Pudong District Shanghai

Ongoing Department, 7F
No.1618,West Nan Jing Road, JingAn District

Bai Lian Century Mall
B2,No.1217 Century Avenue
Pudong District, 200120

Babaiban Department Store
7F,No.501 Zhangyang Road
Pudong District Shanghai

Harbor House Pudong Store #1603
1F,No.2161 South Pudong Road,
Pudong District Shanghai

Lane Crawford Huaihai
4th floor,Time Square, No.99 Huaihai Road(M),
Luwan District Shanghai

Nanfang Friendship
5F,No.7250 Humin Road, Minhang District

Floor B1, No.1438 Hong Qiao Road, Changning
District Shanghai

Harbor House Shanghai Kerry Store #1605
L206, 2nd floor Kerry City Mall, No.1378
Huamu Road, Pudong District Shanghai

City Super Time Square
B1,Time Square, No.99 Huaihai Road(M),
Luwan District Shanghai

Harbor House Max Mall Store #1601
Room 113-C ( 2nd floor, F District), No.4 lane
1500 Lianhua Road South, Minhang District

Shinkong Place, Beijing
Shin Kong Place, 5th Floor, No.87, Jian Guo
Road Chaoyang District, Beijing

Harbor House Huamao store
East Wing L340-346, 3F Building 3, China
Central Plaza, 79 Jianguo Road, Chaoyang
District, Beijing

Sundan Yi Di Gang
LG-13,No.18,Jiu Xiao Qiao Road, Chaoyang
District, Beijing

Parkson Fu Xing Men
8th floor,101 Fuxingmennei Dajie Xicheng
District, Beijing

Beijing Dreamport Store
Dreamport, 68 Middle Qinghe Street, B109-
111, Hai Dian District Beijing

Bejing Yansha You Yi Shopping City
4F, No.52 Liang Ma Qiao Rd,
Chaogyang District,100000 Beijing
SUNDAN Sanlitun
B1-38, No.19 Sanlitun Road, Sanlitun Village
Chaoyang District, Beijing

Harbor House Bluebeach store
No.85 M Floor, Building 1, No.6 ChaoYang Park Road,Chaoyang District, Beijing

Sundan Xin Ao
B2,No.11,Hu Jing East Road, Chaoyang District,

Parkson Chang Ying
4F, Parkson Chang Ying , Building 1, No.1,
Chang Tong Rd, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Harbor House Seasons Place store
B113 Seasons Place, No.2, Jinchengfang
Street, Xicheng District, Beijing

Harbor House Hui Ju City Store
L1.5-01-123-SU, No.15 Xin Ning Street, Da
Xing District, Beijing

Shuang An Beijing
5th floor, No38, BeiSanHuang West Rd,
HaiDian District, Beijing

Harbor House Fangheng Store
F1/F2, Building 4 Fangheng Shopping Center,
No.6 Fudong Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Harbor House We-life Plaza Store
F1-30, We-life Future Plaza, No73.North 4th
Ring East Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Lane Crawford Beijing
3rd floor,Seasons Place Mall, 2 Jinchengfang
Street Xicheng District, Beijing

Harbor House Red Star Macalline Store
A8110, No.139 Dong Si Huan Mid Rd,
Chaoyang District, Beijing


Harbor House Jingui Store
No.348, Wen'er Road, Westlake District


Harbor House Derlook Store
B27, 2nd Floor Derlook Art and Life Plaza,
No.18 West Lake Road, Westlake District,

Harbor House Incity Plaza Store
2F, Xixi Incity Plaza, No.1 Wuchang Road,
Yuhang District, Hangzhou

Harbor House New Era Plaza Store
A22-23,No 808,Gudun Road, West Lake District, Hangzhou

Hangzhou Tower
B1, Hangzhou Tower(C),No.1,Wulin square,
Xiacheng District, Hangzhou

XiZi International
B203, XiZi International East QingChun JiangGan District, 310000 Hangzhou


Servimex, Suzhou Store
3F,Harmony City Shopping Center, No.269,
WangDun Road,Suzhou Industrial Park,

Block 19,NG Area,Time Square,Suzhou lndustry

ShinKong Place, Suzhou
B1057, -1F, Shinkong Place, Suzhou avenue (across Hua Chi street), Industry Park Area,
Suzhou, China

Quan Wu Mall
B1,No.211,ChangJiang Road
WuZhong District Suzhou.

Sundan Su Zhou Times Squre
B No.7 Yuan Rong Times Squre
Dun Wang Rd , Suzhou, China

Sundan Ou Shang
No.1033 , Building 1
No. 1033 Zhong Xin Rd West , Suzhou, China

Sundan Chang Su Yin Xiang
No 88 Yu Nan Rd
Chang Su ,Jiang Su


Servimex, Wu Xi Store
3L-16, MIXC Mall, No. 88 , Jing Shi Road, Bin Hu Dist., Wu Xi, Jiang Su

Sundan Beach City
34F Beach City ,Li Xin Rd
Bin Hu District , Wu Xi

Sundan Mixc Mall
MIXC Mall, No. 88 , Jing Shi Road
Bin Hu Dist,Wu Xi

Servimex, Changzhou Store
4th Floor, No. 999 LanLing Road, JiuZhou
New World Plaza, Changzhou, China
Nan Tong Nan Jing Ning Bo  
Sundan Nan Tong Zhong Nan City
3F Zhong Nan City ,No.12 Tao Yuan Rd
Chong Chuan Distirct ,Nan Tong.
Sundan DEJI Plaza
5F/512518 DEJI Plaza,No.18 Zhong Shan Rd
Xuan Wu,Nanjing

Sundan Nan Jing Sun City
MIXC Mall, No. 88 , Jing Shi Road
Bin Hu Dist., Wu Xi, Jiang Su.

International Shopping Center
4F,ISC, Tianyi Square, No 188,
ZhongShan Road(East),NingBo
Guang Zhou    

Dong Cheng Wanda Plaza
B1 Wanda Plaza ,Dong Cheng
Dong Guan, Guang Dong.

Chang An Wanda Plaza
1F Chang An Wanda Plaza ,Zhong Men Mid Rd
Chang An, Dong Guan,Guang Dong

Sundan Huizhou Hua Mao
4F Huamao Plaza,No 9 Wen Chang 1 Rd
Hui Cheng District , Hui Zhou, Guang Dong

Sundan Zhong Huan Plaza
T408 North Part Zhong Huan Plaza, No.332 Huan Shi East Rd
Yue Xiu District,Guang Zhou,Guang Dong

Sundan Tai Koo Hui
T408 M/F M12, Tian He Rd and Tian He East Rd
Tian He District,Guang Zhou,Guang Dong.

Sundan Jiu Fang Shopping Mall
L229231 2F Jiu Fang Shopping Mall , No.1 Chang Zheng Rd
Zhang Gong District,Gan Zhou ,Guang Dong.


Sundan Hua Qiang North Store
No.103 Biulding , Hua Qiang North Rd
Fu Tian District,Shenzhen ,Guang Dong

Sundan Jin Peng Store
2F Jing Peng Plaza,No.252 Ren Min Rd, Long Hua Street
Long Hua New District , Shenzhen, Guang Dong

Sundan Bao An Hai Ya City
No.518 Store, No.99 Jian An 1 Rd
Bao AnDistrict , Shenzhen, Guang Dong

Sundan Long Gang Wan Ke Plaza
No.3F42 Store Wan Ke Plaza ,Zheng De Rd and Long Xiang Rd
Long Gang District, Shenzhen, Guang Dong

Sundan Garden City
12F South of Garden City ,She Kou South Rd
Nan Shan District, Shenzhen, Guang Dong

Sundan Garden City
No.2006 Tian Jian Tian Ran Ju Mall,Xiang Mei North
Fu Tian District, Shenzhen, Guang Dong

Sundan Garden City
Sundan Bi Hu Garden, Qing Lin East Rd
Long Gang Distirct, Shen Zhen , Guang Dong

Sundan Shen Zhen Mixc
5F Mixc Shen Zhen, Bao An South Rd
Shen Zhen , Guang Dong

Sundan Shen Zhen Euro City
2F Euro City ,North Ring Rd and Sha He Ease Rd
Nan Shan District Shen Zhen , Guang Dong

Sundan Shen Zhen Yi Jing Center City
UG/F No.62, No.3 Fu Hua 1st Rd
Fu Tian District , Shen Zhen , Guang Dong

Sundan Shen Zhen Dong Men Store
Zhen Hua Plaza,No. 2102 Shen Nan East Rd
Luo Hu District , Shen Zhen , Guang Dong

Sundan Zhong Shan Li He Plaza
3F Li He Plaza , No.16 Zhong Shan 3rd Rd
Zhong Shan ,Guang Dong

Sundan Shen Zhen Raffles City Store
3F 09-10,Raffles City ,Yue Hai Rd
No. 2163 Shen Nan Da Dao, Nan Shan District
Shen Zhen , Guang Dong.

Chong Qing Cheng Du Tian Jin  
Sundan Chong Qing Mixc Store
Chong Qing Mixc Store,5F,Xie Jia Wan Rd
Jiu Long Po Distirct Chong Qing
Sundan Chengdu Mixc Store
Cheng Du Mixc Store,4F,No.8 Shuang Qing Rd
Cheng Hua Distirct 610000 Chengdu

Sundan Friendship Rd
Sundan Friendship Rd Store, L3001, No.9
Le Yuan Rd, He Xi District, 300000 Tianjin

Sundan Jia Li Hui
Sundan Jia Li Hui Store, B1 B1039 , Jia Li Hui Shopping Mall
He Dong District, 300000 Tianjin

Tianjin Lotte Department Store
B2,No.137 East Rd, Nan Kai District, 300000 Tianjin