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  • How can I order capsules, machines and accessories ?

    You can order  capsules, machines and accessories via below options:

    Nespresso China website, Nespresso Boutiques in China, select Nespresso China Trade Corners, or Nespresso China Club (CRC)*.   

    Nespresso China website: 

    Nespresso store locations: Find your nearest Nespresso Boutique 

    *Customer Relationship Centre (CRC) 24/7 hotlines, Email  

    CUC 10800 6500 515 (toll-free, landline only)       

    CTC 10800 2650 532 (toll-free, landline only) 

    021 – 61210221 (accessible from mobile phone or landline)

  • Do I need to sign in before ordering Nespresso products on this website ?

    Yes, online registration and sign in are necessary to purchase Nespresso products online.

    Please note: Before signing in, you can discover and select products, but you will be asked to sign in before checkout.

    To sign in, you need to have registered to access the Nespresso Club online and have a valid username and password. If you do not have a Nespresso account, 
    register now. If you have an existingNespresso account, you may login here. If you need to reset password, you may click Reset password.  

    The personal information you gave when registering will be used by default when ordering products online, but you will have the opportunity to change them during the order process. E.g. delivery address. 

  • How do I add items to my shopping bag ?

    There are several ways to buy capsules, machines or accessories online.


    Go through the coffee, machine or accessory detail pages and discover the full range of Nespresso products and learn more about your chosen item before placing an order.

    - Use the main menu
    - Select an item or use the selection tool
    - Learn more about the item and add it to your shopping bag

    Use “Quick order” for capsules, machines and accessories allowing you to order products in just a few clicks.
    Please note: You will still be able to visit  the details page for any item by clicking on the corresponding photo displayed in the 'Quick Order' list.

    Click on the “Quick Order” tab in the top right of your screen

    - Click on the corresponding tabs to switch between capsules, machines and accessories.

    - Use the filters or order directly from the lists 

  • How to place an order once I have filled my shopping bag ?

    - Click on the “Shopping bag” icon in the top right corner of your screen

       Please note: You will need to login before you can see “Shopping bag”.

    - Check your order

    - At this point you can still add accessories, capsules or machines, by clicking on the buttons in the bottom left of the page.

  • How do I complete my delivery information?

    Review or update your delivery address
    The delivery address you used to register as a member of the Nespresso Club will be displayed as the default address. You can:
    - Add information/instruction for the delivery company
    - Edit or add a new delivery address

  • How do I complete my payment details ?

    Check and enter your billing address
    Edit your billing address and/or add further billing addresses.

    Select your payment method for this order
    Different payment methods may be available to you. We offer Alipay online payment, and Charge on Delivery for most of the main cities in China by cash/bank cards with Unionpay.
    Please note: Online payments on is secure and has been certified.

  • How do I complete my order ?

    Confirm your order
    - Check all of your order details are correct
    - Read and approve the Terms & Conditions and Nespresso Privacy Policy by checking the box

    Please note: You can read the Terms & Conditions and the Nespresso Privacy Policy before beginning the online order process.

    > Learn more about the Nespresso Terms and Condition
    > Learn more about the Nespresso Privacy Policy

    Please note: Once you will have clicked on “Proceed to Confirmation”; your order will be final and cannot be recalled or modified online. Please be careful to confirm that the details are correct.

    Please make sure your order has been confirmed online and by receipt of Order confirmation email
    - Do not sign out before the confirmed order screen has been displayed

    Please note: You will receive two confirmation emails following your order:
    1. Acknowledgement of order receipt  – to confirm your order has been creately .
    2. Delivery confirmation – containing the full list of ordered items, delivery and billing addresses, total payment amount and details

    If you do not see the order confirmation screen, and/or you have not received your order confirmation email within 24 hours of ordering online, check whether the order is listed in your account.

  • How do I cancel an order ?

    If you wish  to cancel an internet order, please contact the Nespresso Club with you order reference number immediately.

    If the order is processed before you contact the Nespresso Club. Please contact the Nespresso Club for our returns policy.

  • How can I contact the Nespresso Club ?

    By telephone:
    The Nespresso Customer Relationship Centre offer Club Members personalised services and advice 24/7.

    24/7 on Free phone

    4001 200600 – B2C

    4001 200800 – B2B

    By post:
    Nestlé Nespresso Beijing Ltd.  
    Unit 901, Level 9, One Indigo, 
    20 Jiuxianqiao Road, Chaoyang District, 
    Beijing, CHINA 100016 

    By fax:
    4001 200838 

    Contact the Nespresso Club:

    Use the 
    contact us form