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5-Pack Holiday delights

5-Pack Holiday delights

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Assortment of 5 sleeves: Vanilla Cardamom, Vanilla Amaretti, Ciocco Ginger, Caramelito, Vanilio.

(Price Incl. VAT)

(Price Incl. VAT)


Since 15 November 2006, a regulation on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment has created an "eco-tax" on any new product marketed in France.


This eco-contribution is the amount paid by producers for each household on the market. It is reflected in the same way and visible to the end consumer. It adds to the sales invoices of any new electrical and electronic equipment household, in addition to price of the product.
This contribution allows eco-organizations to ensure the collection, decontamination and recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) on the market.


For coffee machines and electronic accessories, the amount of the eco-tax currently stands at € 0.16. This amount will be indicated on each price tag and will be paid by each consumer when purchasing such a device.

(Price Incl. VAT)



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Discover Nespresso sustainability commitment: The Positive Cup. So each Nespresso cup makes a positive impact.

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