One-touch ordering


Essenza Plus

One-Touch Order

Order your favourite coffee capsules directly from your Essenza Plus coffee machine, with just one simple touch.
Here's how it works:

1 — Configure the order button

Before its first use, the Order Button needs to be configured by pairing the Essenza Plus coffee machine with the Nespresso app (one-time only). Just watch the or refer to the PDF to see how easy it is.

2 — Press to order

And away you go. As of now you do not need your phone anymore. One push of the button, one coffee order, that's it. It couldn't be easier!
The light of the Order Button indicates the status of your order: when the white LED is steady, the order is confirmed.
When it's orange, the order failed.

3 — Receive your coffee

Your coffee order will be delivered straight to your home. Time to enjoy moments of pure pleasure!

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