You have just bought a coffee machine


How do I join the Nespresso Club?

Join the Nespresso Club and learn more about the Nespresso product range.

The Nespresso Club is available 24/7. Call us at our toll free number 0800 55 52 53 or join us online at to further enhance your coffee experience. Benefit from our complimentary shipping within 2 business days for orders of more than 200 capsules.

If you have any questions about Nespresso or your Club membership, please click here to contact us.

How and why should I register my machine?

Registering your machine.

As a Club Member, you benefit from lifetime telephone support and machine troubleshooting services. Please provide the serial number of your new machine when you first register, to help us provide personalized customer assistance. This 19-digit code is found on the drip tray or back of your machine.

How to register:

  • Call on toll free number: 0800 55 52 53
  • Visit a Nespresso Boutique
  • Online

Using your machine for the first time

Tips for starting up your machine.

  • Rinse the water system:
  • Fill the water tank with warm/hot water and switch the machine on.
  • Place a container under the coffee outlet.
  • Allow the equivalent of half the water tank to run through.
  • With the remaining half, rinse the hot water/steam attachment (if applicable) as indicated in your machine operating instructions.
Maintenance Advice

Tips for maintaining your coffee machine.

The Nespresso system offers unrivaled coffee moments, cup after cup. To help you maintain the quality of your coffee experience, please take note of the following instructions:

  • Before brewing coffee, run water through the coffee spout (without a capsule in the machine). This effectively rinses the brew unit, increases the temperature, and ensures a perfectly measured brew.
  • To maintain the optimum temperature and quality of your espresso, descale your machine regularly (approximately every three months). The Nespresso Club offers cleaning kits with multilingual instructions.
  • For the best tasting coffee, we advise that you refill your water tank with fresh, cold water on a daily basis.
  • Empty your used capsule container and drip tray frequently, and wash all removable parts by hand on a regular basis. Please see your user manual for frother maintenance recommendations, if applicable.
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Troubleshooting and solutions


  • The machine does not turn on: check if the power cable is plugged correctly and if necessary try it in another room.
  • The coffee is not enough hot: the temperature of the Nespresso coffees is between 83° C and 89° C. Advice: preheat the cup. If necessary, descale the machine.
  • The coffee does not flow: check if the water tank is full and properly inserted.
  • The coffe flow is poor or leaking into the capsule container: clean the pyramidal plate with a small brush (the piece inside the machine that perforates the aluminium membrane of the capsule) and descale the machine.

In order to obtain an optimal milk foam, we recommend you to:

  • Use UHT milk stored in refrigerator.
  • After each recipe, activate the "Clean" function in order to eliminate milk residues.
  • Separate all pieces of the lid and place them into the dish-washer two times per week at least.
  • No/poor milk foam: please follow the advices above, adjust the regulator of foam milk at maximum. If necessary, descale the machine.

In order to obtain an optimal milk foam, we recommend you to:

  • Use UHT milk stored in refrigerator.
  • Clean your Aeroccino and the whisk directly after each recipe with warm water and dry them with a soft rag.

No milk foam: please follow the advices above, check that the whisk with spring is correcty inserted and spinning when the Aeroccino is working.

Do you need an immediate support for your machine? Please contact the Nespresso Club at 0800 55 52 53 in order to obtain a fast diagnosis and the best solution.

Nespresso Support

Do you need immediate help with your machine?

  • Our Technical Specialists can give you an immediate diagnosis over the phone.
  • If your machine needs repair, we offer a Support Service Program which includes:
  • Collecting the machine from an address of your choice (within Switzerland)
  • Loaning a machine for the repair period (subject to availability)
  • Returning your machine to the same collection address
  • 6 month warranty on the machine repair.
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