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Recycling Nespresso capsules is easy.
Here is how it works:

Place your used capsules in the green Nespresso recycling bag you received in the mail.
Once the bag is full, simply seal and place it in your regular recycling bin. This service is available in your area only.
Your local recycling service will transfer it to a Nespresso partner recycling facility.
The aluminum and coffee grounds are then separated.
The aluminum and coffee grounds are both recycled.

If you wish to have more information, CALL THE NESPRESSO CLUB AT:

1-855-325-5781 OriginalLine | 1-855-350-5812 Vertuo

How to obtain your
green Nespresso recycling bag

Getting your recycling bag couldn't be simpler!
Your bag will be automatically included with your next capsule purchase.

Whether you order capsules online or by phone, your recycling bag will be included.

Recycling bags are also available upon demand in Nespresso Boutiques.

Thank you for your support in making this recycling program a success.



Can you explain your capsule recovery system that is presently being conducted through separate collection?

This project offers a capsule recycling solution from the comfort of your home. Currently, only members located in specific zones are able to participate in this initiative. The used capsules are placed in a plastic bag that was designed specifically for this project and that is, of course, recyclable. This bag is then placed in the household recycling container. The bags containing the capsules are then sorted at a waste-sorting facility where they undergo a unique technological process that separates the coffee grounds from the aluminum.

If I put my used capsules directly in my recycling bin or in a bag other than the recyclable green one I received, will the capsules still be recycled?

No, it's crucial to put your used capsules in the green bag that was sent to you and to put that same bag in your recycling bin. This bag allows the capsules to be correctly sorted to ensure they are recycled.

How are my capsules recycled? What happens with them?

The used capsules are entirely recycled by the process of separating the aluminum from the coffee grounds. Aluminum is the only material that is infinitely recyclable. The coffee grounds are used in the production of high-quality compost.

How do I know if I am able to take part in this project?

The Club Members within the targeted zones will receive an informative email.
Please call the Club at 1-855-325-5781 for further information.

How long will it be before you expand your project to the rest of Canada?

We are in discussions with waste-sorting facility managers in several regions of Canada. We are working steadily to develop lasting partnerships with local stakeholders.

We are confident in our project and we believe that other stakeholders will also participate and continue the expansion of our recycling program.