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What is a Café Gourmand?

Café Gourmand is where the sweet notes of mignardises (bite-size pastries) are paired with the aromatic flavour profiles of Nespresso’s coffees to create edible harmony, finishing the meal in a sweet, but light manor. Originating in France, this tasty trend continues to gain popularity, as it makes its way into a growing number of menus around the world.
Coffee Bliss & Griotte Mist
Ana Cotoros,
winner of edition 2017
At George Brown College Centre for Hospitality and Culinary Arts, Toronto
Plaisir café & Forêt Macaron
Anaïs Flébus,
winner of edition 2017
ITHQ, Montréal

Nespresso catering to the next generation

Since 2015, Nespresso Canada has helped train the next generation of master pastry chefs. This high-level contest is not only a platform to discover and explore unique pairings that enhance the coffee experience, but also a gateway to the finest restaurants of the country.

The Nespresso Café Gourmand Contest 2019

Nespresso partners with the best culinary schools in Canada: the Quebec Tourism and Hotel Institute in Montreal, George Brown College in Toronto and Vancouver Community College in Vancouver.
Master Origin coffees.
Three schools.
A grand finale.
The best Café Gourmand.
In each school, 6 participants will compete for a scholarship and $10,000 in prizes, while only 1 from each school will make it to the finals. A panel of Canadian chefs will evaluate each Café Gourmand to determine national final winner.

Nespresso training

Elyse Lambert

Master Sommelier

5th Best Sommelier of the World, Best Sommelier of Canada 2016, 2015 / Best Sommelier of the Americas, 2009
Accredited by the Nespresso Coffee Sommelier Program in 2014, Élyse Lambert masters and shares her passion for the art of tasting and pairing coffee like no one in Canada. On top of being assisted by her, the contestants will also have the privilege of being coached by Élyse on the origin of coffees and the sustainable farming methods of our producing countries.

Master Origin

A range of coffees mastered by craftsmen and inspired by their land, associating one specific process with each of them for distinctive and memorable coffee experiences.

The judges

Discover the jury who will pick the winner of Café Gourmand.
Lukas Gurtner
Sonora Resort
Normand Laprise
Restaurant Toqué!
Jason Bangerter
Langdon Hall Country House
Hotel & Spa

The contestants

Check back to see the list of participants and finalists.

Institut de Tourisme et d’Hôtellerie du Québec


Cecile Monti

Cybil Abou-Rizk

Cynthia Pilote

Frederique Lebrun

Isis Inisan

Nathalie Jean

Vancouver Community College


Angela Wu

Joshua Nacar

Sammy Zheng

Rea Lopez

Yougheon Lee

Joyce Pang


George Brown College

Rafael Moraes

Jude Antonio

Melanie Sasahra Silva

Amanda Sylvia Gunawan

Yoonah Park

Angeline Chris Dlima

Gourmet partners

We’d like to thank the participating schools and partners of Nespresso Café Gourmand 2019.