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Cafezinho do Brasil

  • Overview



    An intense, sensual espresso inspired by Brazilians’ love of their cafezinho. A velvety textured cup with an unexpected walnut, sandalwood and herbal notes reminiscent of thyme of rosemary. See our permanent intense coffees


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    Ref.: 7665.10

    • Intensity
      • 9
    • Size of cup
      • 40 ml
    • Aromatic profile

      Intense, Spicy, Aromatically Herbal


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  • Details

    • Origin

      A 100% Brazilian Pure Origin blend from Cerrado district (Minas Gerais state) and Espirito Santo state. It is enhanced by dulcet pulped natural Bourbon from Carmo de Minas and Poços de Caldas (Minas Gerais state).

    • Roasting

      Espirito Santo Arabica beans are roasted separately for a short but medium to long roasting time in order to make its unexpected notes stand out. The other origins are roasted together, in a dark and long roasting mode in order to enhance body, intensity and bitterness.

    • Aromatic profile

      An intense, sensual espresso with unexpected walnut, sandalwood and herbal notes reminiscent of thyme or rosemary.

  • Ingredients

    • 10 coffee capsules of Cafezinho do Brasil

    • Ingredients & allergens

      Roast and ground coffee. Does not contain gluten

    • Keep it in a dry and cool place.

    • Net Weight 50g/ sleeve

    • Made in Switzerland