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Nespresso has an unwavering commitment to quality throughout all stages of the coffee's journey from its country of origin up to the moment its reaches your cup. This is why our Coffee Experts carry out checks prior to bagging the coffee, prior to its transportation and again upon its arrival. These are just some of the lengths we go to in order to obtain exceptional coffee.

The coffees are mainly transported by boat. They are transported in 60 kg bags.

Upon its arrival in Europe, the green coffee is assessed to check its condition after shipping as the beans are sensitive to humidity and odours. The coffee is then sent to the Nespresso production centre in Avenches, Switzerland.

Another quality check is carried out upon arrival of the coffee at the Nespresso production centre. 

This final check is particularly strict. This procedure enables us to check the conformity of the coffee's sensorial characteristics, the degree of humidity and the quality of coffee beans delivered. A sample is taken from each sack of coffee to be roasted and tasted.