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Leggero Selection

Leggero Selection

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Product description

The Nespresso coffee experts carefully selected 3 mild grands crus that work perfectly in combination with ice, and reveal delicate and refreshing beverages. These blends can also be enjoyed with milk.

Discover simple recipes with the optimal proportions to create the perfect iced coffees at home that augment the sophisticated aroma’s Vanilio, Volluto, or Bukeela in a refreshing way.



1 Nespresso Envivo Lungo or Vivalto Lungo capsule
20ml Lemon juice
90g ice cubes
20ml of cane sugar syrup


Pour 20ml of cane sugar syrup in a glass
Mix it with 20ml of water and pour it delicately on the cane sugar syrup so that it does not mix
Add 90g of ice cubes in the glass
Extract Envivo Lungo or Vivalto Lungo in a jug (110ml)
Pour the coffee (110ml) delicately on the ice
Optional: add some zest on it
Mix it all and enjoy

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