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Coffee, Machine and Nespresso Club are the inseparable components of this ingenious alliance, which allow you to discover, in the comfort of your home, an unequaled espresso, cup after cup.

Object full of emotion

Your enjoyment, senses and emotions are at the heart of the Nespresso Collections. Each cup, spoon and accessory is the result of the shared inspiration of our Coffee Experts and famous names in design. Their goal: to enhance your coffee tastings with accessories designed to bring out all the subtleties of each Grand Cru.

They are imbued with our know-how, and ready to enhance each one of your Nespresso coffee-tasting moments. Now you can enjoy the feel of the materials, the pure sound of the porcelain, and the tinkling of the glass, while savouring the aromas and flavors brought out by each object...

Welcome Offer

Ordering a selection of 200 capsules and receive a gift

Exclusive offers for Nespresso Club members:

- Order our Gourmet Offer 180-capsules that contains a collection of pre-selected VertuoLine capsules* and receive a Coffee cup, an Espresso cup and saucer, two spoons and a practical dispenser from the VertuoLine Collection.
- Order our Discovery Offer 120-capsules that contains a collection of pre-selected VertuoLine capsules* and receive a practical dispenser for you Coffee and Espresso sleeves from the VertuoLine Collection.

Elegant display

With the purchase of our pre-selection of 200 capsules, you can choose the chic Discovery presentation box* to beautifully display your favorite Grands Crus. * supplied without capsules. Product details on

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