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Coffee Blending


We develop our Grands Crus coffees from the finest coffee origins at the Nespresso production centre in Avenches, Switzerland.

Green coffee is the raw material from which Nespresso makes its blends.

• The composition of a blend involves a sort of alchemy. First of all, Nespresso selects certain coffee origins for their particular characteristics: aroma, finesse, quality of crema and lasting aftertaste, then combines them to intensify their individual characteristics.

• The difficulty lies in the fact that the characteristics of a coffee origin can change from one year to the next due to variations in the climate or soil. The Nespresso Grands Crus coffees however, must maintain a consistent flavour and aroma.

The blend therefore requires absolute precision in terms of its proportions.

• The final quality in the cup depends not only on excellent origins but also on the correct amount of each origin in the blend. It is a deep understanding of these two elements that makes Nespresso an expert in the field of coffee.