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Size of Cup
Aromatic family
Kazaar Kazaar
Dharkan Dharkan
ristretto_mediaDetail Ristretto
arpeggio_mediaDetail Arpeggio
roma_mediaDetail Roma
livanto_mediaDetail Livanto
capriccio_mediaDetail Capriccio
volluto_mediaDetail Volluto
cosi_mediaDetail Cosi
Pure Origin
indriya_mediaDetail Indriya from India
rosabaya_mediaDetail Rosabaya de Colombia
dulsao_mediaDetail Dulsão do Brasil
Bukeela ka Ethiopia Bukeela ka Ethiopia
Envivo Lungo Envivo Lungo
Fortissio Lungo Fortissio Lungo
vivalto_mediaDetail Vivalto Lungo
linizio_mediaDetail Linizio Lungo
Volluto Decaffeinato Volluto Decaffeinato
Vivalto Lungo Decaffeinato Vivalto Lungo Decaffeinato
Arpeggio Decaffeinato Arpeggio Decaffeinato
decaffeinato_intenso_mediaDetail Decaffeinato Intenso
caramelito_mediaDetail Caramelito
Ciocattino Ciocattino
vanillio_mediaDetail Vanilio



A balanced harmony between the rich and the velvety aromas of vanilla and the mellow flavour of the Livanto Grand Cru. A blend distinguished by its full flavour, infinitely smooth and silky on the palate.


Our Grands Crus are packaged in sleeves, each containing 10 capsules. For packaging reasons all orders placed online, or with the Nespresso Club, order should be composed of a minimum 50 capsules and must be in a multiple of 50 capsules (50, 100, 150 etc.).



Variations Aromatic Family :

Different ways of enjoying your coffee

  • Ristretto (25ml)

    Powerful and contrasted, the rich taste of a true ristretto packs a coffee punch.

    Enjoy first thing in the morning or after a meal: Nespresso's ristretto blends combine flavor intensity with character. Serve in a typical small ristretto cup and experience coffee in its purest form. Typically drunk black with a dash of sugar, to taste.

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  • Espresso (40ml)

    Wake to a delicious Espresso: a dose of quality Arabica and Robusta to deliver the perfect cup.

    The Classic system draws on Nespresso's 25 years of coffee expertise and is designed to expertly extract the ground coffee beans, brewing up a deep and rich shot of Coffee topped with a smooth, thick 'crema'.

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  • Lungo (110ml)

    A Lungo coffee is a longer-style Espresso drink, and Nespresso's Lungo Grand Cru capsules guarantee flavor to the last drop.

    Lungo Coffees are rich in aromas and can be enjoyed tall and black, or mixed with milk.

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  • Milk Recipe (170ml)

    A smooth shot of Espresso with a foamy milky topping: a traditional Cappuccino for example marries the richness of Espresso with the featherweight pleasure of a milk mousse.

    Master the art of coffee recipes and enjoy the unique character of each delicious variety of Grand Cru. Add foam from the integrated milk heating system, or whip up a froth with our Aeroccino milk frother accessory.

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