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Alles Gute - Lungo 10 sleeves assortment white


Surprise your friends with this Lungo assortment of 10 coffee sleeves and the greeting card "Alles Gute". This assortment includes: 

1 sleeve of Envivo Lungo
1 sleeve of Fortissio Lungo
1 sleeve of Linizio Lungo
1 sleeve of Vivalto Lungo
1 sleeve of Vivalto Lungo Decaffeinato
1 sleeve of MASTER ORIGIN India
1 sleeve of MASTER ORIGIN Indonesia
1 sleeve of MASTER ORIGIN Colombia
1 sleeve of MASTER ORIGIN Ethiopia
1 sleeve of MASTER ORIGIN Nicaragua
Ref. Nr.: 106320
The blends of the various Lungo coffee capsules of this assortment are based on Arabicas and Robustas from Ethiopia, Colombia and Nicragua.
Discover the variety of roasted notes of these assorted coffee capsules.

More than 1,800 collection points across Austria allow a simple and comfortable return.
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90 capsules of roast and ground coffee and 10 capsules of decaffeinated, roast and ground coffee for the Nespresso system.

Packaged in a protective atmosphere.
Net Weight
Roast and ground coffee:
1 x 50 g + 3 x 55 g + + 3 x 57 g + 2 x 60 g
Decaffeinated, roast and ground coffee:
1 x 55 g
Made in Switzerland