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The grinding process involves reducing the freshly roasted coffee bean to a powder.

• After roasting, the coffee is transferred to an air-tight silo. Grinding increases the surface area of the coffee in contact with oxygen and the coffee therefore risks losing its aromas more quickly. It is therefore carried out in a deoxygenated environment.

• The coffee is placed into a grinder. The degree of grinding is calculated to suit the particular blend of coffee origins.

• Accurate and consistent grinding is key to perfect coffee quality, cup after cup. It is a question of finding just the right balance of the various attributes that we wish to bring out in each Grand Cru: acidity, bitterness, body and aromatic notes.

• The grinding of the coffee beans particularly affects the flow time when preparing your coffee. The more finely ground the coffee, the slower the speed with which water will pass through it, and the more full bodied and bitter the taste will be. In contrast if it is not ground finely enough, the coffee will not produce the complexity of certain aromas.