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  • Overview

    The pleasure of an intense decaffeinated Espresso with body. Colombian and Brazilian coffees subtly blend with fine Asian Robusta to create harmony, releasing cocoa and fruity notes. Add milk for a sweet taste and creamy texture.

    • Intensity
      • 7

    • Size of cup
      • Recipe
      • 1.35 oz
    • Aromatic profile

      Fruity, Cocoa

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  • Details

    • Origin

      Decaffeinato Intenso is created with coffee beans from South Colombia and unwashed Brazilian Arabica. Together, they reveal fruity and cocoa notes, while a touch of fine unwashed Asian Robusta provides a dense body.

    • Roasting

      The depth of this Espresso comes mainly from the dark roasted coffee beans. The flavor is further enhanced by a medium-roasting, which generates delicious fruity notes.

    • Aromatic profile

      Prewetting is key to this intense decaffeinated Espresso which is well infused prior to the extraction beginning. The fast flow ensures a balance between the cocoa and fruity notes.