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Coffee Expertise

The coffee tree

Plant, tend, harvest… with passion

The character of a coffee is born from climate, soil quality, water, and sun. Add love, patience and care from Nespresso expert growers, and soon the small red coffee fruits swell into aromatic coffee cherries.

The cherry contains two beans; when ground and roasted they reveal their distinct aroma and flavor. All this is captured in your chosen espresso or coffee blend.


Arabica and Robusta beans

Arabica grows at high altitudes, between 800 and 2,000 meters, and this climate encourages hard, particularly aromatic beans. The best Arabica is floral or fruity in character, with a low caffeine content.

Robusta grows at lower altitudes, between 100 and 800 meters in hot, humid regions. Robusta is more intense, with greater body, bitterness and caffeine content than Arabica.

The promise of the cup

Only 1-2 % percent of all the coffee in the world is of the exceptional quality, taste and aroma standards required for our Grand Cru collection.

Growing and preserving such high quality coffee is challenging, but at Nespresso, we believe that it is only by starting out with the best raw materials we can finish with a great cup of coffee.

The rich and generous hazelnut-colored foam, called 'crema', forms naturally when mixing air with liquid coffee. It helps liberate aromas from the cup just after extraction and then creates a lid over the coffee that keeps aromas in.

Though all aromas are present in unroasted green coffee, they are only expressed fully once coffee is roasted. During tasting, light, floral and fruity notes are followed by heavier, roasted, woody or spicy notes. Nespresso guarantees you the pleasure of an unctuous coffee, rich in aromas and with a dense crema, cup after cup.

Coffee FAQ's


    The caffeine content per brewed espresso capsule will vary between approximately 55 and 65 mg. The lungo blends contain 20% more coffee per capsule; therefore, they have slightly higher caffeine content, about 77-89 mg. This variation depends mainly on the green coffee (Arabica vs. Robusta), the degree of roasting and to a lesser extent, the coffee origin. Our decaffeinated blends contain roughly 0.005 mg of caffeine. There is no correlation between the assigned 'intensity' and caffeine content.
    • Espresso (1.35 oz/40 ml) --> around 55-65 mg of caffeine
    • Lungo (3.75 oz/110 ml) --> around 77-89 mg of caffeine
    • Espresso decaffeinato (1.35 oz/40 ml) --> less than 0.005 mg of caffeine
    • Lungo decaffeinato (3.75 oz/110 ml) --> less than 0.008 mg of caffeine


    The calorie content of a brewed espresso is negligible. There are 1260 Kj (300 Kcal) in 100 grams of roasted and ground coffee. Nespresso espresso capsules contain 5.5 grams of coffee on average, whereas the lungos contain approximately 7 grams of coffee per capsule. Taking note of the fact that the coffee grounds are not consumed whole but rather their contents are dissolved in water, the calorie count is even less. A 1.35 oz cup of espresso contains approximately 0.6 calories while a 3.75 oz lungo contains approximately 1.0 calorie.


    Nespresso foremost priority is sourcing the highest quality coffee beans and providing exquisitely unique espresso blends to our members worldwide. At this time, we do not have any plans to add tea or hot chocolate related capsules to our Grands Crus selection. We do offer Limited Edition and flavored Variation espressos throughout the year.


    Nespresso Grands Crus, as well as the Limited Editions and the Holiday Variations, do not contain any allergens, including but not limited to gluten, lactose or nuts. Nespresso Grands Crus blends are purely composed of 100% coffee, and hermetically sealed to prevent exposure to air and moisture, further protecting them from any contamination. Any references to 'malt', “milk”, or “cocoa” notes are components of the aromatic profile (naturally occurring within the bean) and do not suggest their physical presence in the capsule.

    The Variations are 100% allergen free. Based on our intensity 6 Grand Cru, Livanto, the Variations are exquisitely crafted with naturally extracted ingredients, with no added sugars or preservatives.


    Our Grands Crus are all Kosher certified by the Basel Kosher Commission of Switzerland.

    None of our coffees contain milk or dairy. Any references to 'malt', “milk”, or “cocoa” notes are components of the aromatic profile (naturally occurring within the bean) and do not suggest their physical presence in the coffee.