Espresso & Milk

A great Espresso and Milk specialty always starts with a great Espresso.

Nespresso's research reveals that the taste of each Grand Cru blend has a different chemical relationship with milk. Even Grand Crus of more delicate and nuanced character develop surprising new dimensions when combined with milk.

The result is an almost infinite range of taste variations starting from the same Grand Cru. Depending on which Grand Cru you use, a Cappuccino or Latte Macchiato can have many different, delicious flavours.


A great Cappuccino always starts with a great Espresso.

Master the art of Cappuccino and loose yourself in the delicious combination of each of our Grand Cru Espressos unique character with the smoothness of milk froth. Discover Cappuccino as you like it!

Latte Macchiato

A great Latte Machiatto always starts with a great Espresso.

All the richness of our Grand Cru Espresso's character will be revealed in the preparation of your Latte Macchiatos. The delicious combination of these exceptional Grand Crus with milk makes every sip exquisite.

How do you like your Cappuccino?

Purists insist that every Cappuccino begins with a good espresso. Beneath its magnificent dome of milky foam, a Cappuccino derives its flavour from the Grand Cru. Which Cappuccino suits you best?

Very light, sweet, smooth and milky

Light, sweet and biscuity

Sweet, balanced and lightly roasted

Strong, full-bodied, bitter aroma

How do you like your Latte Macchiato?

With its peerless triple layer of coffee, hot milk and milk foam, the latte macchiato is a pleasure for the eyes and tastebuds. But each coffee has a different personality. Discover which one you like best.

Voluptuous, milky, creamy and smooth

Robust, full-bodied, bitter aroma

Your Discovery Pack Recipes

Espresso and Milk Discovery Pack

Nespresso brings you a selection of 5 Grands Crus that deliciously combine with milk to make every sip exquisite. Each one reveals its unique character to flood your taste buds with new sensations.

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Lattissima +

Thanks to the Lattissima + machine One Touch System, the velvety milk froth blends perfectly with the Grand Cru Espresso with the simple touch of a button to create new sensorial experiences.

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Aeroccino milk frother

The Aeroccino milk frother can transform milk into incredible light and velvety milk froth. By pouring the milk froth at the speed that you like, you can perfectly control the blending of it with your favorite Grand Cru.

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