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AAA Sustainable Quality™ program

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Long-term commitment to farmers


Prospresso event in Cauca, Colombia, March 2012

Sun drying in Santander, Colombia

25 °C

Building a central mill in Jardín, Colombia

The average size of a coffee farm in Jardín is just 2.5 hectares. Yet, despite the relatively small size of the farms, individual farmers have traditionally completed their own milling...

Alfonso Socorro and his wife on their farm in Santander, Colombia

NESPRESSO AAA Sustainable Quality™Program

A unique coffee sourcing program
In 2003, Nespresso launched its AAA Sustainable Quality™ Program, a groundbreaking partnership with the leading environmental NGO, The Rainforest Alliance. The AAA Program is a unique sourcing model which integrates...


Nespresso AAA agronomist visiting a family on its farm in Cauca, Colombia