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As a photojournalist for National Geographic since 1979, Reza has explored more than a hundred countries. With rare sensitivity, he invites us to discover human stories, individual destinies, and the beauty of humanity.
World famous photographer Reza has met the people behind your coffee, celebrating their commitment, passion and dedication to producing your favorite Grand Cru. Moments of outstanding beauty, emotion and humanity have been captured by Reza.

Official launch of

Santander (Colombia)

more than 1000 AAA farmers will

gather in Santander Colombia to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the program

10th Anniversary

of the AAA Program

Eli Vesga Ardila

Eli Vesga Ardila
Age :  41
Country :  Colombia

"Our work with Nespresso on the Naora Limited Edition was very successful. The Nespresso AAA Program gives us the chance to produce a better coffee each day"

3 Colombian AAA farmers

receive the Rainforest Alliance

Sustainable Standard-Setters Award

May 21st, Timbio:

Event in Popayan, Colombia

800 Colombian farmers,

5 AAA coffee producing

regions, 30 awards

Diver Hernán Jimenez Anacona

Diver Hernán Jimenez Anacona
Age :  25
Country :  Colombia
His farm has been participating in the program since 2008. It has been Rainforest Alliance certified since 13th of August 2011. He considers the award he received in Popayan May 2012 by Nespresso a big achievement of his and a unique recognition for the Cauca Nariño coffee producers. 

Start of Trees for Life

Project in Caldas Colombia

Rejuvenating and planting

more resistant coffee trees

for 225 AAA farmers


1st 100% AAA sourced

Limited Edition coffee

Tomás Gutierrez

Tomás Gutierrez
Age :  39
Country :  Costa Rica
Every year, as part of his annual plan, Tomás renovates different coffee lots, especially the coffee plants that are observed to have low productivity. In this case, he uses the caturra coffee variety for quality and productivity reasons.

Nespresso invests


for Prospresso:
Improving the quality of life of
Cauca and Nariño communities
in Colombia

221 AAA farms benefit from

a unique micro-finance initiative in

Huehuetenango, Guatemala

Diogo Teixeira de Macedo

Diogo Teixeira de Macedo
Age :  34
Country :  Brazil
“The AAA Program appealed to my own ideals and principles concerning environmental politics, social issues and coffee quality. Looking back today, it’s hard to imagine how we could even function without the knowledge and techniques that we have gained through the AAA Program”.

Rosabaya de Colombia

becomes the first Nespresso Pure

Origin to be sourced 100% from the AAA program

Jaime Marino Delgado

Jaime Marino Delgado
Age :  39
Country :  Colombia

Jaime participated in activities for Coffee Renovation with more resistant varieties (80% of his coffee farm is planted with Colombia variety). He currently manages two coffee farms with his wife, Clara.

New coffee farming cluster

Huila (Colombia),
second largest
coffee production area
in Colombia

7,761 fermentation tanks,
15,812 solar dryers,
6,727 waste handling equipment,
2,677 wasted water treatment systems,
for 3,264 families of Narino (Colombia) in partnership with the Colombian Coffee growers Federation (FNC)

Orlando Ceciliano Calderón

Orlando Ceciliano Calderón
Country :  Costa Rica
Orlando promotes selective harvesting, in order to pick only red coffee cherries, according to the Nespresso quality standards.

New coffee farming cluster

'Fraijanes' (Guatemala),

'San Diego' (Costa Rica),

and 'Mogyana' (Brazil)

Corporate Green Globe Award

given by The Rainforest Alliance

Fabio Alonso Reyes

Fabio Alonso Reyes
Age :  32
Country :  Colombia
Fabio is a very passionate person, full of dreams. He comes from a coffee producing family. His father taught him to work the land, and considers that the program has been a real support in his vision of succeeding as a coffee producer.


trees provided

Thanks to the reforestation

program on the farms

in Caldas (Colombia)


variety Cafe Forte

becomes the 2nd 100%

AAA sourced coffee blend


Native Trees Planted

Marking National Tree Day

in La Giorgia (Costa Rica)


becomes the 1st

100% AAA sourced coffee

Edgar Fernández Araya

Edgar Fernández Araya
Country :  Costa Rica
Edgar protects the natural vegetation around the Margo river, ensuring an ecosystem that provides a habitat for wildlife, especially for the different kinds of birds of the region. Edgar also produces and sells cucumbers, cheese and pork meat to his neighbours.
The AAA Program
is launched in Colombia,
Costa Rica and Mexico

Renovation plan:

67 pulpers, 53 fermentation tanks

and 66 drying facilities

are renovated on 158 farms
in Caldas, Colombia

1% to 2%

of the world's coffee production

answers Nespresso's criteria

Nespresso launches
the AAA Program for Quality,
Sustainability and Productivity
in collaboration with
The Rainforest Alliance.
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