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Nespresso recommends

  • REVEAL Coffee Tasting Glass, Mild

    Coffee tasting glass,
    mild Grand Crus

    2 tasting glass revealing the delicacy of the fruity & cereal notes of the Mild Espresso Grand Cru coffees (up to Intensity 6).

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  • Cubanía 10 Capsules and 16 pcs Sugar

    Cubanía coffee & sugar

    Prepare a Cubanía the authentic Cuban way. Sugar cane gives the coffee a round and syrupy taste. 10 coffee capsules Cubanía and 16 pcs of cane sugar.

    Experience Limited Edition Cubanía before it's too late!

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  • Milk Chocolate with salted caramel pieces

    Milk Chocolate with salted caramel pieces

    Milk chocolate squares with salted caramel pieces (cocoa solids: 41% minimum). Pack of 40 pieces (200 g)

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  • REVEAL Coffee tasting glass, Intense

    Coffee tasting glass, Intense Grand Crus

    2 Espresso tasting glass concentrating the powerful roasting notes of the Intense Espresso Grand Cru coffees (Intensity 7 and above).

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  • Dark Chocolate with caramelized cocao nibs

    Dark chocolate squares with caramelized cacao nibs

    Limited Edition Dark chocolate squares with caramelized cocao nibs (cocoa solids: 54% minimum). Pack of 40 pieces (200 g). 

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  • Aeroccino Black milk frother

    Milk frother

    With our milk frother Aeroccino you can create a latte or cappuccino at home, just like a real barista! Comes in red, black or white and can froth both cold and warm milk.

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  • PIXIE Espresso, Arpeggio

    Colorful cups in stainless steel

    Set of 2 Espresso cups (80 ml) in stainless steel matching our Grand Cru colors, with 2 stirrers (12.5 cm) in stainless steel.

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  • Cantuccini

    Almond & Honey biscuits

    Classic, Italian almond and honey biscuits that goes perfect with a cup of coffee. Pack of 12 pieces.

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