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When promoting an image of excellence, attention to the smallest detail is of utmost importance in business. This is why Nespresso has developed a range of coffee solutions especially adapted to meet the needs of the business world. Offices, restaurants, customer service businesses and luxury retailers can now offer their customers and associates coffee that reflects their high standards of quality.

The round flat capsules are suited to environments with limited storage space. Find out more

- Professionals seek coffee solutions that fit in with the layout intended for their core business activity. Minimum floor space is therefore a crucial requirement.

Although they differ from our classic Premium Blend range, our business coffee solutions offer a range of flavours that are just as delicious.
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- The capsule shape determines the extraction of the coffee and the manner in which the water penetrates the grind. This is why the Nespresso has created a range of business blends that differ from its classic blends.

Full body with a pleasant aftertaste

Espresso Forte
Round and balanced

Espresso Leggero
Light and refreshing

Espresso Decaffeinato
Intense and rich

Lungo Forte
Distinguished and roasted

Lungo Leggero
Floral and refreshing

Lungo Decaffeinato
Velvety and aromatic

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