Terms and conditions

Terms of use

1. Validity of the offer
Your Nespresso Club account will be credited with CHF 100.- when you purchase one of the following Nespresso machines: Inissia&Aeroccino3, UMilk , CitiZ&Milk, Lattissima, Lattissima+, Lattissima Pro, Maestria, Gran Maestria or Miele Top Line, in Switzerland or Liechtenstein between 29th March and 31st May 2014 (date of original receipt). Your Nespresso Club account will be credited with CHF 60.-  when you purchase any other model of Nespresso machine between 29th March and 31st May 2014 (except Nespresso Business Solutions machines). This credit is valid for your next order of capsules or accessories at the Nespresso Club and the Nespresso Boutiques.

2. You will receive the credit in your Nespresso Club account
• If all terms of the offer are met.
• As soon as the sales promotion is processed (max. 15 days).

3. Limitations of the offer
May not be combined with other Nespresso promotional offers.
• Limited to 1 credit per Nespresso machine purchased.
• Credit valid for 2 years after it is paid into the account.
• Limited to the purchase of max. 3 machines per person.
• Reserved for clients resident in Switzerland or Liechtenstein (purchase of the machine in Switzerland or in Liechtenstein).
• Not valid for Nespresso employees.

In the event that the conditions of participation are not fulfilled, your first coffee order will nonetheless be sent and should be paid within 30 working days. For more information on the conditions of this offer, please contact sales staff or the Nespresso Club at 0800 55 52 53 (toll free).

4. Privacy Policy
Nestlé Nespresso S.A. (“Nespresso”), which includes Nespresso’s affiliated companies, is aware that you may wish to be informed about how your personally identifying data and information, such as name, address, telephone/fax numbers or e-mail address etc (“Data”) that you may provide to Nespresso, are treated. Accordingly, we have developed this Privacy Policy (“Policy”) to explain our use of your Data as well as all our reasonable precautions to keep your Data confidential and secure.By ordering our products and using our services, you are consenting to the Data collection and use practices described in this Policy, as modified from time to time by us. We reserve the right to modify our Policy and invite you to consult this Policy from time to time in order to familiarise yourself with any changes, We will post any new Policy on our websites, changing the date in the last paragraph of such Policy. The terms of this Policy are without prejudice to any contractual terms you may enter into with us, which shall prevail over the terms of this Policy.

4.1. Pledge on Privacy
Nespresso does not collect and process Data except when voluntarily provided by you. We ensure compliance by our staff with strict standards of security and confidentiality and in processing your Data we pledge to fully comply with internationally recognized standards of privacy protection.

4.2. Intended Use of Data
Nespresso collects and processes Data only for specific and limited purposes which we inform you about when you wish to use certain services. For example, we may collect and use Data to provide you with our products or services, to bill you for products or services you request, to verify your credit, to market products and services we believe might be of interest to you, to process your job application, to receive news releases, or to communicate with you. In addition, we may use your Data to evaluate the effectiveness of and improve our services to our visitors and customers, for our own internal statistics to evaluate customer interests as well as purchasing and other trends among customers and to better determine product development and marketing strategies. By submitting your Data, you expressly consent to such use. Nespresso keeps your Data only for as long as is reasonably needed for such purposes and in accordance with any applicable legal or ethical reporting or document retention requirements. Most of our services do not require any form of registration, thereby allowing you to visit our websites, boutiques and bars without telling us who you are. However, some services may require registration. When you register with us, you may need to complete certain fields (some are required, some are optional) as well as to chosse a user name and password. In these situations, if you chose to withhold any Data requested by us, it may not be possible for you to gain access to certain parts of our websites and for us to respond to your queries.

4.3. Non Disclosure of Information
Nespresso shall never sell, rent, share or otherwise distribute or make available your Data to third parties outside of the Nespresso group of companies, except when required to do so for legal or regulatory purposes. However, Data may occasionally be transferred to third parties, who act for or on behalf of Nespresso, for further processing in accordance with the purposes for which your Data were originally collected. When disclosure of Data to third parties is likely or necessary for whatever reason, Nespresso shall ensure that such third parties provide the same level of protection as Nespresso, and shall contractually require them to process Data transferred only for the purposes authorised by you and on a confidential and secure basis.

4.4. Security / Confidentiality
We undertake to take all reasonable steps in order not to allow your Data to be seen by third parties other than those who act for or on behalf of Nespresso and have agreed to treat your Data confidential and secure. Access to Data is restricted to those of our employees on a need to know basis and who have been trained to observe strict standards of confidentiality in handling your Data.
To ensure the security and confidentiality of Data that Nespresso collects online, we use data networks protected, inter alia, by industry standard firewalls and password protection. Although we have tried to create secure, reliable and trustworthy websites for our visitors, please be aware that the Internet is generally not regarded as a complete secure environment, and that therefore the confidentiality of the Data provided by you or material transmitted via our websites or by e-mail cannot be guaranteed by Nespresso. Thus, we can not be responsible or liable for the security of your Data whilst in transit via the Internet to us.

4.5. Data Transfer Abroad
Nespresso is an international group and has databases in different jurisdictions. Nespresso may transfer your Data to one of its databases or to companies within the Nespresso group or to its partners, who have agreed to keep your Data confidential and secure, outside of your country of residence. If the level of privacy protection in a country does not comply with internationally recognized standards, we will ensure that Data transfers to our databases in that country are equally protected and that a transfer of Data to third parties in such countries does not occur. By submitting your Data, you expressly agree to its possible transfer to other companies within the Nespresso group and/or its partners and to this end to its trans-border transmission.

4.6 Information considérée comme non confidentielle

4.6.1 Toutes les données et les informations susceptibles de vous identifier personnellement que vous transmettez via Internet à nos Sites, sont protégées et traitées selon notre Politique de Confidentialité. Nous vous invitons à lire cette Politique de Confidentialité avec attention avant de nous confier vos données et informations susceptibles de vous identifier personnellement.
4.6.2 Toute autre information ou matériel que vous communiquez via Internet à Nespresso, par courrier électronique ou tout autre moyen, y compris des dates, questions, commentaires, suggestions, idées, graphiques etc., ne seront pas traitées comme étant confidentielles ou propriétaires. Tout ce que vous transmettez ou chargez deviendra la propriété de Nespresso et pourra être utilisé sans restriction dans n’importe quel but notamment, mais non exclusivement, être reproduit, dévoilé, transmis, publié, diffusé et chargé. Spécifiquement, Nespresso sera libre d’utiliser toutes les idées, concepts, savoir-faire ou techniques inclus dans vos communications que vous envoyées à ses Sites dans n’importe quel but, notamment, mais non exclusivement le développement, la fabrication, la publicité et la commercialisation de produits utilisant lesdites informations. Toute utilisation d’une telle information communiquée par vous-même restera sans rémunération pour vous-même ou pour un tiers.

4.6.3 En transmettant des informations, vous garantissez que le matériel contenu transmis est votre propriété, qu’il n’est pas diffamatoire et que son utilisation par Nespresso ne violera aucun droit d’un tiers. Nespresso ne sera pas obligé d’utiliser les informations transmises.

5. Personal information
5.1 Nespresso may require Participants to provide personal details as a condition of entry or participation in the Promotion. This includes: full name, postcode and country of residence, e-mail address, telephone (optional), age (or over 18 confirmation). Other information may also be required.

5.2 By participating in a Promotion, Participants undertake that all information submitted is true, current and complete at the time of entry. Participants are solely responsible for the accuracy of personal details and for informing Nespresso of any changes. Nespresso has no responsibility for failed contacts.

5.3 All personal data provided by Participants or received Nespresso will be stored, processed and handled in accordance with Swiss Federal Laws on Data Protection (1992 LPD 235.1 and 1993 OLPD 235.11, as amended) and Nespresso's published Privacy Policy, the latest version of which is available at www.Nespresso.com. By accepting these Rules, participants also accept the terms of the Privacy Policy, which they should read before submitting an entry.

5.4 If a Promotion requests or incites Participants, whether for advantage or not, to relay or communicate (“forward”) the Promotion to other persons, or if Participants themselves wish to forward the Promotion to other persons, the following shall apply:
(a) Participants may forward details of or otherwise invite or encourage other persons to participate in the Promotion by email (“Invitation”) either directly or through Nespresso's Website or other technical means as part of the Promotion, it being understood that Nespresso is simply forwarding the Invitation and has no responsibility for the addressee or content thereof;
(b) In all cases, the Participant is fully responsible for the choice and disclosure of the persons to whom an Invitation is sent and must obtain their explicit consent in advance;
(c) All Invitations shall nominate the Participant as sender and not Nespresso;
(d) Nespresso will not forward more than five Invitations and Participants are required to respect the same limitation.
(e) Email addresses must be valid and different. Participants shall not forward Invitations to persons who have not given consent nor introduce fictitious friends or acquaintances for the purposes of advantage or gain.

5.5 Prize winners agree to take part in any reasonable publicity required by Nespresso and consent to the use by Nespresso or its Affiliates in that connection of their name, likeness and/or images without further compensation.

Nestlé Nespresso S.A.