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Nespresso’s office
coffee machine - Zenius

Zenius is compact yet designed to satisfy demanding professional needs.

  • • Easy to use, exceptional coffee is prepared quickly at the touch of a button.
  • • Elegance and durable materials are combined to bring the Nespresso ultimate coffee experience in every professional environment.

High quality coffee
machines for businesses

Zenius is built with high quality materials chosen for their durability and efficiency

  • • Water heats to the optimum temperature for coffee in just 35 seconds
  • Energy-saving mode ensures an environmentally friendly and cost-efficient machine

coffee experts on demand

Our Customer Service Team will meet your specific business needs

  • Capsule delivery within 48 hours
  • Technical check of your machine to keep it in perfect working order
  • Loan of additional machines for special company events

Exceptional coffee
pods - Zenius & Grand Crus

The advanced design and unique features of Zenius complement the Nespresso Grands Crus perfectly.

  • • Our Grands Crus are carefully selected from the world’s finest coffees
  • 11 exceptional varieties for you to choose from, ranging from mild and aromatic to intense and full-bodied.
  • • Lungo Decaffeinato (Intensity 2) : Velvety and aromatic
  • • Espresso Decaffeinato (Intensity 7) : Dense and powerful
  • • Ristretto Origin India (Intensity 10) : Intense and spicy
  • • Ristretto (Intensity 9) : Full-bodied and persistent
  • • Espresso Forte (Intensity 7) : Round and balanced
  • • Espresso Leggero (Intensity 6) : Light and refreshing
  • • Lungo Forte (Intensity 4) : Elegant and roasted
  • • Lungo Leggero (Intensity 2) : Flowery and refreshing

product details

Download pdf User manual

  • Intuitive and Ergonomic Intuitive and ergonomic, allowing the preparation of recipes in a tall glass
  • Grands Crus Ristretto, Espresso, Lungo coffees, as well as hot water, are prepared at the touch of button
  • Easy Capsule Insertion Easy capsule insertion and coffee preparation
  • Water Tank Capacity 2 litre water tank capacity
  • High quality High quality materials ensure robustness and durability
  • Energy Efficient The auto power off allows a 0 energy consumption when the machine is not being used