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The first coffee machine with all the right connections

Ideal for any size of business where quality, intuition and simplicity are all important. Thanks to an integrated SIM card*, Zenius can communicate with our Customer Relationship Centre**. This allows us to deliver services before you even know you need them. Fast and efficient, exceptional coffee and hot water are prepared quickly, at the touch of a button.

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Power : 1450 - 1860 W
Pressure : 19 bar
Dimensions : 19 x 40 x 31 cm (W x D x H)
Tank capacity : 2 litre
Weight : 7 kg


• Ristretto, Espresso, Lungo coffees, as well as hot water, are prepared at the touch of a button
• Intuitive and professional ergonomy, allowing the preparation of recipes in a tall glass
• Pivoting cup support
• Manual capsule insertion and ejection
• The fast heat up allows the machine to be ready in approximately 35 seconds.
• Fast hot water: 250 ml/min at 92°c
• High quality materials have been chosen to ensure the robustness and durability of the internal and external components of Zenius.
• Aluminum side panels
• The auto power off allows a 0 energy consumption when the machine is not being used.
• Machine connected to the network*
• No direct water connections
• Removable container of water with a capacity for 2 liters
• Used capsules container capacity: 25
• Recommended number of users: 10 or more

*Activated only upon consent and subject to further terms and conditions of sale/service and privacy policy.
** Dependant on country requirements and specifities.

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