Around the machine
Side Capsule Dispenser
Capsule dispenser composed of 4 transparent drawers and a black lacquered metallic frame. Each drawer can contain 50 capsules. (15,5 x 34,4 x 23,2 cm, supplied empty).
Ref. 5206
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Milk solutions

Autocappuccino Device

A re-usable device for the Cappuccinatore machine and machines with steam outlets.
Ref. 5023
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Cappuccinatore Kit

100 straws and nozzles (white) to be used with the Cappuccinatore CS 20 or Gemini | CS 220 PRO.
Ref. 5105
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Aeroccino black

Ideal accessory to create light, creamy hot or cold milk froth. The base houses the whisk storage. Maximum capacity if preparing milk froth : 4.06 oz/120 ml, maximum capacity if preparing hot milk : 8.12 oz/ 240 ml ( diameter : 3.54 in/9 cm, height: 6.69 in/17 cm).
Ref. 3194-CH-BK
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Cappuccinatore CS 20

The Cappuccinatore CS 20 fits right beside your Nespresso coffee machine. Nothing to clean. The Cappuccinatore CS 20 uses a disposable nozzle system to ensure impeccable hygiene day after day. Always fresh, always perfect.
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Ref. CS20/CH-NOZ
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Base cabinet

Base Cabinet

The perfect furniture for all of your Nespresso accessories. The Base Cabinet adds looks and style to your coffee machine from Nespresso.
Ref. base_cabinet
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Care product

Claris Single Water Filter

Claris Single Water Filter for CS Machines
Ref. 5039
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Descaling containers

2 containers for the easy descaling.
Ref. 5035/GEMINI
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Water filter for machine ES 100

For ES100 machines.
Ref. 5038/3
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Gemini CS machine range - Descaling Kit

Descaling kit for Gemini machines (CS 100, 200 and 220 PRO)and Cappucinatore CS 20 . The set consists of 12 sachets with descaling fluid, 1 key and user's manual.
Ref. 5036/CS
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ES machine range - Descaling Kit

Descaling kit for ES machine range (ES 50, 80 and 100 PRO). The set consists of 2 sachets with descaling fluid and user's manual.
Ref. 5036/ES
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Zenius ZN100 - descaling kit

Descaling kit for Zenius machine. The set consists of two sachets with descaling fluid and user's manual.
Ref. 5036/ZN
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Aqua Clarity

Aqua Clarity filter suitable for ZENIUS machine
Ref. 5045
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Paper cups

Paper Napkins

Paper napkins: 12 x 12 cm. Supplied in packs of 70.
Ref. 3097
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Paper cup 17.5 cl

Paper cup (17.5 cl) for a caffè Lungo, supplied in packs of 55 pieces.
Ref. 5071/55
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Paper cup 25 cl

Paper cup (25 cl) for a caffè Latte, supplied in packs of 50 pieces.
Ref. 5072/50
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Paper cup 10 cl

Small paper cup (10 cl) for an espresso, supplied in packs of 55 pieces.
Ref. 5070/55
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Plastic stirrers

Plastic stirrers supplied in packs of 100.
Ref. 5073/100
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