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Find out why the   Nespresso capsule is unique and unrivalled.

Stage 1: The capsule system

With every cup, you can be sure of freshly roasted and ground coffee with all of its
flavours and aromatic richness preserved.
. sealed capsule: no oxidation
. perfect protection against air and light (aluminium coated with a food-grade shellac)
. Hermetically sealed membrane
. a colour for each   Nespresso Premium Blend

Stage 2: The preparation of the coffee

Preparing a perfect espresso, crowned with a thick, perfectly textured crema,
is the art of baristas...and an art mastered by the Nespresso machines...
Perforation of the upper part of the capsule by a blade system.
Electronic adjustment of the water temperature
19 bar high pressure pump
Even distribution of water to fully extract the aromas
Rapid extraction of the Premium Blend coffees
Then it's ready for you to taste

Stage 3: The recycling of the capsules

Aluminium: a 100% recyclable material
2050 used capsule collection points in Switzerland.
Separation of the aluminium from the coffee grounds at the recycling centres.
The aluminium is melted down
The coffee grounds are used as fertilisers.
The cycle begins again...

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