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Sweet nostalgia and futuristic magic

A collection of pure and voluptuous lines, rich with memories and looking towards the future

The adventure of the Ritual Collection started with a moment of wonder. The wonder of Andrée and Olivia Putman faced with the beauty of a place, a decor, these scenes of multicoloured capsules which, like they are choreographed, adorn the walls of the Nespresso shop in the Champs-Elysées. It’s by keeping in mind this first sensation that they imagined the Ritual line, a collection of items to accompany the coffee experience.

The inspiration therefore came from the same identity as the Nespresso brand : the capsule. This object is simple but new, magnificently distributed and developed in the shops. Then they thought of a small cup of white coffee. In itself a symbol which evokes in everyone memories, moments in your life at the café round the corner, something universal and nostalgic. The meeting of these two objects has given birth to the Putman Ritual Collection and it’s in the same spirit that they designed all the items belonging to the collection.

Three moments, three axes

The three axes of the collection correspond to three important moments relating to coffee. The preparation, the presentation and the taste.

Preparation is all about coffee expertise : which spoon for which grand cru, what size the cup should be for a particular coffee, what size the glass of water after the coffee should be…an essential preamble to exceptional coffee.

Presentation is linked to the appearance of the coffee and the choice of the capsule. From this first choice will come a certain type of cup which will highlight the chosen grand cru and will give an aesthetic impression which is unique to this coffee break.

Taste, this comes from the bowls, the chocolates, the cakes, the trays, the little pot of sugar in the plunging cleavage… All these details accompany the ritual of coffee to make a moment of pure pleasure, between elegance and gluttony.

The meeting between Nespresso’s expertise and Putman’s style

Andrée and Olivia Putman designed each of the pieces in the Ritual collection with the help of the Nespresso experts who perfectly taught them the art of coffee. They know exactly which type of porcelain will keep the coffee at the right temperature, what depth and what capacity a cup must have for each grand cru…their expertise is the prelude to any coffee creation.

To this expertise Andrée and Olivia Putman brought their talent, their savoir-faire as well as a unique signature.  Putman’s style is a subtle line between nostalgia tinged with sweetness and a vision looking towards the future.  Here you find on one side serene forms and pleasant outlets for our memories, on the other side a type of futuristic vision. The white cup of yesteryear is becoming a capsule, like it’s levitating. It surprises us by looking both towards yesterday and to tomorrow.

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Nespresso extends its support to Talents

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